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Medical Open Source Intelligence

Significant role for business decisions and investments in worldwide infectious disease outbreaks that are thought to threaten national and international security and they are increasing, international environment emergency put at risk employees, employers and investments.

Our service started to give a peace of mind for all companies/businesses that have to undertake a job abroad or in areas with a high epidemiological health risk of pollution or war.

Medical Open Source Intelligence (MOSI) is the collection and analysis of information that is gathered from public, or open sources.

Our intelligence service is made primarily for business and is of value to analyze data for answering classified, unclassified medical intelligence requirements for business decisions.

The sources can be divided up into six different categories of information flow:

  • Media: print newspapers, magazines, radio and television from across and between countries.

  • Internet: online publications, blogs, discussion groups, citizen media (i.e. cell phone videos and user created content), YouTube and other social media websites (i.e.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). This source also outpaces a variety of other sources due to its timeliness and ease of access.

  • Public Government Data: public government reports, budgets, hearings, telephone directories, press conferences, websites and speeches. Although this source comes from an official source they are publicly accessible and may be used openly and freely.

  • Professional and Academic Publications: information acquired from journals, conferences, symposia, academic papers, dissertations and theses.

  • Commercial Data: commercial imagery, financial and industrial assessments and databases.

  • Grey literature: technical reports, preprints, patents, working papers, business documents, unpublished works and newsletters.

Leo Medical Open Source Intelligence (MOSI) is distinguished as it applies the process of intelligence to create tailored knowledge supportive of a specific decision by a specific individual or investment group.


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