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Business Medical Advisor

A routine medical assessment for business employees will approximately takes about 30 minutes; however, it may take longer depending on their medical history. We advise that they allow at least 1 hour for the appointment. On the day at the virtual clinic the Doctor/Nurse of Leo Medical will:

  • Check their identification.
  • Take history of their blood pressure measurement.
  • List of the medication they are currently taking.
  • List of any hospital consultant they see regularly.
  • Document their height, weight, smoking and alcohol history (To assist our staff it would be helpful to take a note of their most recent weight and height with them).
  • Take their full medical history.

An optional facility of our telemedicine service, can allow constant monitoring of the patientís condition and performance of preventive and control check-ups outside medical facilities.

The results of the medical consultation are transmitted to our Medical Care Center.

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